A small step taken in 1999 with only 3 children. It has only grown ever since into a large family of children, specially girls.
A two-way model has been developed, where the needy youth seeking higher education help Dr. Kavita Shukla with the task of bestowing knowledge and in return are financially helped, for them to be able to continue with their higher education.
Apart from regular studies, values such as neatness,punctuality, etiquettes, cultural and spiritual awareness are also instilled in the kids.
It is a completely free program and a purely private effort. Without any regular source of income, nor any sort of government or non-government aid, SHAKTI has successfully completed 14 years of significant service.
If you wish to be a part of this ‘people-connect’ program through a more humane approach, your co-operation is most welcome because we consider this movement a part of practical spirituality.