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    Experience the splendour of Mussoorie, Uttarakhand. Even a lifetime is not enough to 'truly explore' the Himalayas, But if you still have the craving....your exploration begins here!!

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About Us

Kashi Devasthanam

Kashi Devasthanam

Kashi Devasthanam Owned by Mr. Sameer Shukl and Dr. (Mrs.) Kavita Shukla, the place is a variety in itself. It fulfills the interests and likings of people of all the ages and mindsets. It suits everyone's palate with it's range of offerings.
Kashi Devasthanam is a socio-cultural place growing silently and in a dedicated manner in the field of spirituality, art and heritage conservation and educational empowerment. It has been working continuously since the last 15 years on areas connected to Himalayan heritage and general subjects pertaining to Uttarakhand.

Kavita Shukla

Dr. (Mrs.) Kavita Shukla

A Ph.D in 'Drawing and Painting', she converts the Himalayan spirituality, culture and traditions into paintings. A qualified 'Reiki' master; she has helped and healed people. Scores of people have benefitted a great deal from this form of cosmic healing. She is also in charge of SHAKTI, which imparts knowledge to the marginalized section of society, especially girls. SHAKTI has completed 14 years of dedicated service.

Sameer Shukla

Sameer Shukla

A yoga exponent, he dispenses the knowledge of yogic mysticism of the Himalayas learned from his sojourn with the Himalayan yogis. After having travelled extensively across the Himalayas, he is on a mission to unveil the hidden Himalayan treasures which has given rise to a new concept called 'Spiritual Tourism' and is greatly in demand. The Himalayan culture and spirituality and ancient wisdom have been portrayed through various art forms and other media with the aim of displaying the diversity of the Himalayas in a single place.

SOHAM Heritage & Art Center

SOHAM Heriatge & Art Centre showcases the culture and tradition of Himalayas through paintings on canvasses, sculptures, frescoes, murals and scrap art.

Watch spirituality and culture take form here.


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Mr. Sameer Shukl
Mrs. Kavita Shukla

Kashi Devasthanam
Bala Hisar (Big Bend)
Mussoorie - 248179
Uttarakhand, INDIA
+91 9897979151
+91 9897241261